vrijdag 27 juli 2007

Mail art envelop

Envelope gemaakt voor een vriendin maar is ook het thema bij Michelle Ward's Crusade N0.10 Leuk om ook een keer mee te doen.
Envelope made for a friend. Mail art happens to be Michelle Ward's Crusade N0.10

23 opmerkingen:

Mike.LMP zei

very nice

michelle ward zei

sija - this is gorgeous! what a beautiful thing to get in the mail. thank you for joining the team and sharing your inspiring work for the mail art crusade!

Pilar zei

This is just gorgous. I love the way you layered this piece, giving it a surreal, dreamlike appearance.

Kas zei


Anietje zei

P R A C H T I G!!!!
Hele mooie envelop.

tina's space zei

So pleased to see you have a blog now!!! Great, great envelope!! Lucky recipient.

bockel24 zei

Wonderful envelope, I love it.

Suzanne zei

Very nice! I love the layering.

DymphieM zei

Prachtig Sija!

eb zei

wow - sija - this is really beautiful!!!

xox - eb.

Willy zei

Fantastisch mooi, Sija! Ik zou zo'n envelop nooit durven opsturen.

Viola zei

Wow, Sija, what a gorgeous piece again. Love all of it! The colors and the composition! :-)

kathy zei

Hi Sija,
What a cool envelope... I'm envious of the recipient! Very nice work :D

Emilia zei

This is absolutely gorgeous!! I love the layers of stamped images!

Anoniem zei

... and I received it today in real!
Thank you so much Sija, it is really, really beautiful!

Anoniem zei

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