dinsdag 9 oktober 2007

Skinny Saturday and for Nancy

Een nieuwe challenge blog: Sarahs Skinny saturday. Maat van de kaarten moet 3"x5" zijn. Het thema voor deze keer is vleugels. Plaatje is van Paper Whimsey. Stempels van Magenta, Hero Arts en Stamp It.
There is a new challange blog: Sarahs Skinny Saturday. Measure of the cards is 3"x5". Theme for this week is: Wings. Stamps from Magenta, Hero Arts and Stamp It.

But also with this card I want to say I'm thinking of Nancy and her son Andrew and for a safe return home. Read about it here.

16 opmerkingen:

Barbara zei

So breathtaking this is. Your work is always so clean and polished. Gorgeous image and perfect.

Sarah zei

wow Sija this is so Gorgeous. I love it. thanks for taking the challenge.

KardKrazy zei

I agree -- this is absolutely breathtaking.

Emilia zei

you are such a sweet heart... Nancy must be happy to see this!

Rein zei

dit is schitterend, prachtige kleuren!

Audrey zei

Wow, heel mooi!

Christine zei

Wonderful, Sija! I like your artwork. Can you remember Stempelmekka? On Sunday... with Ilka? Next year it's your turn to bring the Netherlands together with the Germany :-))
Bye C.

DymphieM zei

Prachtig Sija! Ik denk dat Nancy helemaal blij zal zijn met zoveel mensen die aan haar denken.

Linda M zei

Very nice, Sija. Thanks for supporting Nancy.

Angelina zei

Sija strikes again!! ;-) Ook deze is prachtig!

alcoholinky zei


Rainbow Lady zei

Such a lovely card well done.
I have taqgged you today Sija so check mny blog to see what to do next.
Love Cynthia x

Viola zei

Fabulous work!! Love it so much!

Hermine zei

Heel mooi!

Myriame zei

Prachtig Sija.

Nancy Maxwell James zei

thank you for your beautiful piece and thinking of my son and me.
I am so blessed to know such lovely ladies who love and encourage daily. bless you!