zaterdag 15 december 2007

Wonderful Christmas Mail

From Barb I received these gorgeous Christmas Houses.
Angela sent me this stunning icicle doll and domino necklace.

Thanks so much Barb and Angela!!!

7 opmerkingen:

Teri zei

NICE Blog :)

Barbara zei

How wonderful, love the mailman. Each are so special in their own way.

toscania-art-life zei

Ohhh bofkont!! Wat mooi zeg! Jaloers....

Paula zei

Very beautiful Christmas items to treasure. Love those houses, they would look amazing on a firemantle & the icicle will grace any tree.
Even the necklace would hang beautifully in candle light. What fabulous gifts from wonderful friends you must feel honoured.

Audrey zei

Wow, wat ben jij verwend!!

DymphieM zei

Wat een prachtige werkstukken. Complimenten aan de maaksters!

Andrea, zei

Lovely gifts and what a fab suprise to recieve through the mail